Hi my room!

Today started, im wake in train to bandung. I was with my friends, lintang, adit and rimba in the same board. 

Akhir akhir ini saya sangat bersyukur, begitu banyak kebaikan yang saya terima sebelum perjalanan. Alhamdulillah Allah memudahkan jalannya. 

Sebelum berangkat saya dibekali banyak sekali dan selama diperjalanan mendapat sangat banyak bantuan mulai dari menjaga koper besar, mengangkatnya dan banyak sekali lainnya hehe. Alhamdulillah ya Allah. Terimakasih. 

Dan malam ini, saya sampai di kamar saya, cat baru bewarna pink dan segala sesuatu yg dibekali dari malang membuat saya semakin bersyukur hari ini. 

Namun dikamar saya termenung sendiri, seperti ini nikmat yang saya terima tapi ibadah saya dan dosa saya keduanya sungguh memalukan. Ya Allah mohon maaf yang sebesar besarnya.


Today is Thea’s Birthday

This day is thea’s birthday, and i make a little celebration to say “happy birthday” with geosnap ice cream doodle in group chat. I write: happy birthday thea, hope you be more beautiful (love). Actually in case, i saw her like an half boy and girl, so i hope in her twenty years old she will be more well-girly. Soon, the others follow me, they send a happy birthday with their words. Anin pray for thea to be in date with Kevin, the junior students in collage who is thea crushing for. But there is an exception while she write his name, it’s became Kevin Bratawisnu, besides his name is Kevin…. *um, i forgot his long name*. In case, Kevin Bratawisnu is her rival to get Kevin-her crush. Kevin Bratawisnu is a smart student, but he told thea some boy-junior who is pretty in his mind. Thea was shocked to hear that from Kevin. She think kevin is a boy and like some boy-junior. And also, he mentioned his crush who is thea’s crush too. He is also named Kevin. And the game isn’t over yet.
A minute later, Gina send her hope too. She hope thea will be more pekat.Β  In indonesia, pekatΒ  means strong concentrated of thing. It usually use for liquid mixture like coffe, black beans sauce or blended dark paint . And in this case, she use this to hope a dark-tan concentrated pigmens in her skin soon. It’s not a good hope if you’re an indonesian. In indonesia, more tan of your skin is more ugly you are. I don’t know who make those rule. But make sure to said like those things to friends who really close to you, or you wanna make she upset.

And surprisingly, Vira send us a picture of frozen disney Elsa queen. She make a surprise for her. Then followed with a picture of both of them carrying a piece cake. If you look at the cake, the paint was so detailed. Like a printed chocolate.Β  What a high struggle to make it printed.
I ever see printed chocolate on snapchat discover. It’s just like a printer as usual, but you don’t need a paper. I saw a boy plug-in a flash disk that he want to be painted for chocolate, then he operate the printer like a usual printer, and he said: Voila!. The printed chocolate picture has already made. It’s so high detailed curve to believe it was printed. Maybe i can order a chocolate picture in jember. What a high-tech stuff jember has already have!
But not too long, when i ask to the grup: is that printed chocolate on top cake?, Vira said it just a paper and she put on the top of cake. It makes me thing again, that those printer are already exist now days. It’s took a long time for distribute until asia, especially for Indonesia. Maybe i need to wait to taste a printed chocolate picture 😦